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Local Suppliers | Test Valley Devons

Test Valley Devons

Situated in the beautiful chalk stream and downlandlandscape of the Test Valley, Test Valley Devons is run by Max and Gaynor Childs who have a passion for cattle – and good food. 

Our native British breed Red Devon cattle are quiet, placid grazers, renowned for their docile nature and ability to thrive in their native landscape. Our Devons spend summer on the water-meadows of the River Test, where they play an essential role in conservation management, controlling invasive plant species and assisting with seed transmission. Winter is spent in their upland fields, with good grazing, plus the option to retreat to the barn to shelter from the elements whenever they choose.

We offer 3 sizes of beef packs; small (4-5kg), medium (6-7kg) and large (8-10kg). Each beef pack contains a variety of cuts, including premium steaks, roasting joints, stewing steak, minced beef.

A typical medium box could include; 1 roasting joint, 2 rump steaks, 2 sirloin steaks, 4 packs stewing or braising steak and 4 packs minced beef.

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