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We have put together a small but exciting range of wines that offer superb value for money. Because we are a ‘not for profit’ village shop we work off lower profit margins than normal retailers and have negotiated excellent buy terms with our suppliers, so we are punching well above our weight in wine terms.

If you want everyday wines, our entry level reds and whites are great all-rounders. We have a primitivo from Puglia in southern Italy and the new Nero d’Avola from Sicily that are amazing wines to pair with pasta or pizza – try them with the Crosta & Mollica pizza also stocked in the shop.

The Montsable chardonnay is a great alternative to white Burgundy (and half the price) and the Borsao Seleccion Tinto has been described as “possibly the best value dry red wine in the world”.

Our selection of sparkling wines is spearheaded by the amazing Champagne Germar Breton NV that is one of the best champagnes that we have tried in a long time and amazing value. Also, the Blanquette de Limoux is also a great, lower priced option.

We can also source many other wines and they will invariably be cheaper than you will find for the equivalent elsewhere so please get in touch with us and we shall do what we can to help.

Please take a minute to digest the information below. Whilst you will find wines at a lower price at the supermarkets, please bear in mind that you get what you pay for.

A £5 wine has only 25p worth of wine in the bottle, not very much whereas a £7 wine in the village shop will cost about £8.50 elsewhere so will have about £2 worth of wine in the bottle – I know which I would rather drink.