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Lockerley Estate

Lockerley Estate is situated 5 miles outside Stockbridge, farming between Broughton and Lockerley. It is a diverse estate farming to regenerative principles where we not only focus on producing nutrient dense food, but we enrich and enhance our soils health, champion biodiversity and conservation management as key to success. With our new vegetable enterprise "The Veg Shed" producing amazing seasonal produce, our 235 hectares of woodland sequestering carbon, our rewilding conservation project as enhancement of biodiversity and the increased network of corridors throughout the farmed lands, we are well placed for answering many questions asked of British farming today. We are members of the Wallop Brook Farmers cluster group, covering over 5000 hectares of land designed to enrich the quality of the natural chalk stream through Broughton and beyond.

Lockerley Estate is a demonstration farm for LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming), we are LEAF marque assured (the environmental assurance scheme recognising sustainably farmed products), Red Tractor Assured and recently announced as a "Beacon Farm" for regenerative farming practice.